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Get the personalised, digital assessment and survey software that your customers and employees demand.

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Bring it together

How well does your business assess, survey and pulse their internal and external customers?

Pulseme brings it all together through smart, adaptive asssessments. Our bespoke Project Builder allows users to either keep it short and simple for pulses and surveys, or expand into advanced exam and formal assessment management. Pulsme is secure and integrates well with businesses through Single Sign On, identity and access control. Customise and personalise Pulseme to suit the bespoke needs of your business.

Voice of the customer

Receiving ongoing feedback from customers benchmarks success.

User experience is key when customers are requested to provide feedback. If they like the experience, they will keep coming back. Customised reporting through the report builder and API's ensure custom manipulation of data and analytics.

1 SatisfactionData “Customer Feedback”
3  {
4    "Susan": {
5      "KeyWord": "Innovative",
6      "Phrase" : "So easy to use",
7    }
8    "Jonathan": {
9      "KeyWord": "Impressed",
10     "Phrase" : "Love the personalisation",
11   }
12   "Jacob": {
13     "KeyWord": "Satisfied",
14     "Phrase" : "Complete frictionless",
15   }
16  }
STEP 1: Let's talk

Set up some time with us to see how Pulseme could add substantial value to your business assessments and survey needs. Pulseme is well suited for cross-market businesses as well as educational institutions.

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Product Range

What Pulseme offers:

Surveys and Pulses

Quick and effective way to obtain satisfaction data from customers.

Assessments & Exams

Great corporate learning and education assessment offering.

Customer Voice

Designed to give both employees and customers a voice in bespoke feedback.

360 Assessments

Manage 360 assessments and feedback from customers and employees in one place.

Adaptive Testing

Using AI, adaptive testing allows for targeted outcomes based assessments.

API integration

Seemlessly integrate polls, surveys and feedback into business systems.


All inclusive from day one


  • Assessments and Exams
  • Surveys and Pulses
  • 360 Assessments
  • Psychometric testing
  • Job grading
  • Voice of the customer
  • Pulse-2-Text SMS Service
  • API-triggered Pulses

Unique Features

  • 30 Question types
  • Separate customer and employee directory
  • Fully adaptive and intelligent questioning
  • API-based reporting and pulsme management
  • Identity management (Customers and Employees)
  • Business integration and customisation
  • Capabilities/Objectives management
  • Exam moucher management
  • Communications personalisation
  • Media bank and rich text design

Security & Access

  • Single Signon (SSO)
  • Access management
  • IP access restrictions
  • Password complexity management
  • Activity monitoring
  • Typing identity validation
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • One Time Pin (OTP) accessibility
  • Webcam recording
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